At Chalmers Poston, our goal is to do everything we can to help you obtain absolute justice. That starts by being honest about what you are up against when you file a lawsuit or are charged with a crime in South Carolina.

Far too many lawyers will not sacrifice their relationships with each other to get you the dismissal, settlement or plea deal you truly deserve. Why? Because 99% of their business is via word of mouth from other lawyers. Because they will still be working with each other long after your case is resolved and you are out of the picture. They will be attending the same lawyer/politic-related events and their kids will eventually be trying to get jobs at each other’s firms. It’s the Good Old Boy system in its purest form. At Chalmers Poston, we have devoted our lives to fighting this system on behalf of our clients. We are able to do this because we advertise our firm directly to the public, and we do it well. As a result, we don’t have rely on other lawyers to get clients.

Further, a lawyer’s political aspirations are at stake if he or she makes the wrong enemies. Want to be a judge? A state legislator? How about a governor? Know who they think can’t help them do that? You.

On a separate note, too many lawyers also don’t want to do the work it takes to go to trial. They don’t want to have to work late nights and weekends for the possibility of losing or the increasingly-likely possibility of a last-minute settlement. Likewise, many judges don’t want to expend the energy and focus it requires to govern a trial. So, a lawyer who is genuinely prepared to go to trial is a rare and frightening opponent. Too often, that lawyer is also an enemy to a judge who wants an easy work week. But who decides how much money you get or whether you are innocent? The jury.

Finally, defense lawyers value cases largely based on the personality of the plaintiff’s lawyer. Is the lawyer “aggressive?” Higher value.Is the lawyer “unpredictable and unforgiving?” Higher value.

Let Chalmers Poston guide you through the legal process and represent you the way we would want to be represented. Let us get you the justice you truly deserve.