I’m South Carolina lawyer Eric Poston and my responsibility is to expose the truth about how Good Old Boy systems maintain power by exposing and destroying these systems financially through civil litigation.

When you file a lawsuit, it’s not just you against the defendant(s), it’s you against an entire Good Ole’ Boy system of lawyers and judges who have been working together their entire careers and who will be working together long after you’re out of the picture.

Unfortunately, this system is one founded on a patriarchal hierarchy based on pedigree and personal connections, not experiences, competence or ethics. It punishes those few lawyers who dare to fight against it; those few lawyers willing to sacrifice their social and/or political status or, even worse, their careers, in the pursuit of justice.

During my first few years practicing law, I worked at a “prestigious” mid-sized defense firm and unwittingly became complicit with the system, beholden to its wishes and blind to the injustices I witnessed. As a young lawyer, this system was all I knew, so I adapted to it and learned to accept it as the norm.

My philosophy changed when the system turned on me and revealed its true, oppressive nature to me.  Recently, it came to the attention of several notable lawyers that I enjoy making hip hop music in my free time. So of course, I was basically forced to resign, labeled a “degenerate” and told I “simply wasn’t cut out to be a lawyer.”

After experiencing the realities of the system, I stand here today with the absolute conviction that it is my moral responsibility to fight against it. To destroy it. And because I’ve been a part of the system, I know how it operates and I know I can and will fulfill this responsibility throughout my career.

It’s crucial to understand that it’s not the system that ultimately decides your fate. At trial, it’s a jury of your peers that makes the final decision as to what you deserve, and in terms of settlements, they are dependent on projected jury verdicts.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, lawyers value cases and estimate conviction rates based largely on the personality of the lawyer on the other side. The more aggressive and unpredictable the lawyer, the higher the case value and the lower the conviction rate. There’s a reason why many of the top lawyers in South Carolina are also the most hated by the system.

So, if you’re considering filing a lawsuit, please call us at 803-463-4561 or email us at info@chalmersposton.com for a free consultation. And remember, no matter which lawyer you end up hiring, make sure they are as upfront and honest with you as we have been. After all, we’re dealing with the one life you’ve been given. Live it with confidence.